līfMOTR for a leaner, longer, stronger you!

Check it out!  My līfMOTR program at the Honolulu Club is featured in the Balanced Body, Inc. Annual Catalog 2016 – a publication that is distributed globally to fitness and Pilates enthusiasts!  Here is the link to the article: MOTRn_in_Honolulu

The MOTR® is the most versatile and effective piece of fitness equipment that I’ve come across in my ten years in this industry.  This one tube allows you to strengthen every muscle group as well as perform cardiovascular and balance training exercises.  Not only that, but the tube itself is a roller, which you can then use for myofascial release.  LOVE IT!

Take this class if you want to get leaner, longer, and stronger!  Members and non-members welcome!  I teach on Tuesdays 6-7pm.

Contact the Honolulu Club at 808-585-9626 for registration information.